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    At Keep Up European Style housekeeping, we offer a wide range of cleaning services so to best meet your needs. If you are looking for someone to clean your house with detail and precision, contact Keep Up European Style today. We take the time and energy needed to transform each home we clean with a like-new finish. Our job is to take the cleaning routine off of your busy plate, freeing you up to handle the rest of your busy schedule. We consider our regular customers to be those who have our housekeeping service:

    • Weekly
    • Every other week
    • Monthly

    Bathroom, Kitchen and Other Rooms

    We have duties that are performed during each visit of our regular customers depending on the rooms we clean. For example, when cleaning a bathroom, our housekeeping staff makes sure to address the:

    • Toilets
    • Tubs, shower tracks, shower doors, tile or stone
    • Vanity Tops
    • Mirrors
    • Metal fixtures
    • Tile or stone flooring

    In the kitchen area, whether we are servicing the kitchen indoors or the outdoor kitchen at your home, includes a certain degree of cleaning with every visit. For the basic duties, the Keep Up European Style housekeeping staff clean the:

    • Stainless steel appliances and sinks
    • Tile, granite or marble countertops
    • Stove top including all moveable parts
    • Microwave units
    • Outer portion of ovens
    • Top and front of refrigerators
    • Flooring
    • Window over the sink



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    Extensive Cleaning Duties Offered

    Our goal with the basic level of cleaning service is to touch on all of the major areas of your home. From there, we can provide more extensive cleaning duties depending on your needs and budget. In other rooms of your home, on a basic visit, we dust and polish the following:

    • Wood furniture
    • Blinds, shutters, and light fixtures
    • Baseboards and window sills
    • Mirrors

    As for flooring, we clean and polish, as needed, any flooring including carpet, tile, stone and wood. We also clean away any cobwebs and fingerprints that are giving your home a dirty vibe.

    Special Services for Regular Customers

    Extra services task are only for “weekly” customers who can choose one extra service task per month. These services are available for other customers for an additional cost:

    • Detail cleaning of leather furniture
    • Vacuuming fabric furniture and cushions
    • Wiping all baseboards
    • Polishing wood or stainless steel kitchen cabinetry
    • Cleaning the interior of fireplaces

    Additional Cleaning Services Available

    Sometimes our clients request additional tasks that are not part of our normal routine. These can be completed for an additional charge:

    • Cleaning the interior of ovens or refrigerators
    • Cleaning out the garage
    • Window cleaning
    • Cleaning woodwork, i.e. door frames and door panels

    We also provide additional tasks upon request. Part of the goal with Keep Up European Style is that you can keep up appearances with your home without spending all of your precious time cleaning. Let us take care of that task for you! Here at Keep Up European Style we have become a standard name in the South Orange County area for a reason. Let us show you what we can do.

    Contact our professional staff today for a free, no obligation, in-home estimate of your cleaning needs. Keep Up European Style will keep up with the cleaning duties to make your home polished and shined on a regular basis.


    • Tubs, Shower (Tile, Stone) Tracks and Doors
    • Vanity Tops
    • Toilets
    • Mirrors
    • Metal Fixtures
    • Floors (Tile, Stone)


    • Countertops (Tile, Granite, Marble)
    • Sinks, Appliances (Stainless Steel)
    • Stove – Everything Moveable
    • Microwave – In and Out
    • Outside of Ovens
    • Refrigerators – Top and Front
    • Window Over Sink
    • Floor – Washed

    Other Rooms

    • Furniture- Dusted and Polished
    • Light Fixtures, Blinds, Shutters – Dusted
    • Window Sills, Baseboards Dusted
    • Mirrors Polished
    • Carpets Vacuumed
    • Floor Vacuumed and Cleaned (Stone,Tile, Wood)
    • Cobwebs, Fingerprints Cleaned


    (Weekly Customers) One Task/ Month

    • Vacuuming Furniture
    • Cleaning Leather Furniture
    • Wiping Baseboards
    • Polishing Kitchen Cabinets
    • Cleaning Inside of Fireplace


    (Additional Charge)

    • Inside Refrigerator
    • Inside of Oven
    • Garage
    • Woodwork – Doors, Frames
    • Washing Windows