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Here at Keep Up European Style we Keep Up with the busy schedules of all sorts of clientele. If you are a homeowner interested in keeping your house in tip-top shape even during your busy days, let us come clean your home for you. The perfect solution for your next house party, call Keep Up European Style to clean your house before and after the big event. Sometimes single men need to get their house cleaned up, but they don’t know where to begin. We are here to pick up where you leave off, cleaning up your home better than you could imagine.

Do you work from home as a busy house wife? There are times when the house needs an extra special touch, and who better to help you keep up your cleaning than Keep Up European Style? We are skilled with cleaning over-sized homes including mansions and multi-family dwellings. Do you hate to clean your house, or do you have trouble keeping up with the messes of your family members? Whether you hate to clean or you simply don’t have enough energy to keep your house up to par, we have you covered. Keep Up European Style serves those who want a professional and well-cleaned home.

Our Promise

Here at Keep Up European Style we want to make sure you are wholly satisfied with the services that we provide. As a result we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all of our housekeeping services. Before you choose us as your preferred European style cleaning company, let us give you a free, no obligation, in-home estimate of your housekeeping needs. We are here to provide you with a budget conscious cleaning service that features a family friendly housekeeping staff. Our cleaning system is set up to provide a professional cleaning service that pays special attention to details.

What We Offer

Keep Up European Style cleaning service provides residential cleaning to homes in the South Orange County area. We are located in Aliso Viejo, CA. All of our housekeepers are professionals who were trained by European staff. Also, all of our staff are licensed and bonded to ensure the most professional service. Thanks to 14 years of European style cleaning experience, Keep Up European Style has perfected the art of housekeeping using this traditional cleaning method. Our staff uses their own cleaning supplies, further reducing any demand on your time.

Keep Up European Style Services

Contact Keep Up European Style cleaning services today. We are available 6 days a week for housekeeping appointments. Our friendly and helpful customer service representatives contact all clients a day in advance of a cleaning appointment. This friendly reminder helps to keep you on task with your busy schedule. Let our European style housekeepers Keep Up your house cleaning today!

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Additionally, we understand that cancelations are sometimes unavoidable. We want you to be able to keep up with your daily demands without having to fret about disrupting your housekeeping service. That’s why, as long as you give us a call regarding a cancelation 24 hours in advance of your appointment, we will not charge you for the cleaning. However, cancelations made in less than 24 hours prior to your appointment will incur a cost of 50 percent of the regular price.

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